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Valley Mental Health
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Rose Park Community Learning Center

Community School Powerpoint Presentation

"A Glimpse into
Rose Park Elementary"

Four Important Rules for
Rose Park Elementary

Be Safe!
Be Orderly!
Be Respectful!
Be Responsible!

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Welcome to Rose Park Elementary..a Community Learning Center!

A Message from our Principal

Principal PicWelcome to Rose Park Elementary, home of the Raptors! As a student at Rose Park, it is important that you come to school every day. It is also important that you do your best work, are an outstanding citizen and friend, and that you ask for help when you need it. I recently read something that I want to share with you because it captures what I believe is important in education: "When you enter this school you are explorers, scientists, mathematicians, readers, and artists. You are important. You are loved. You are respected. You are appreciated. You are a friend. You are the reason we are here."

Ms. Warren

News & Announcements

Upcoming Events
Students in classroom first day Students in classroom first day Students in classroom first day Students in Hall first day of school Students first day of school Students in hall first day of school

Miss Jacqueline, and her assistant in our pre-school have been moved to a new and exciting position at the Mountain View Glendale location.  Please join us in thanking her for her wonderful years here at Rose Park in pre kindergarten.  Also, in wishing her well in her new assignment.  We will miss you!

Rose Park "Grumpmeter" program on KSL news!
Grumpmeter at Rose Park Elementary

Parents Register for Pre-kindergarten program at Rose Park
Registration is now open for next year's Salt Lake City School District pre-kindergarten program. Children must be four years old by September 1 to qualify for this program. To register, please visit the Glendale/Mountain View Community Learning Center at 1388 South Navajo Street, or call (801) 974-8396 for more information. 

Ms. Holden's 3rd Grade presents a play "Let the Sun Shine"
We learned many things about the sun and the moon from 3rd grade!
Third grade play about the sun

Rose Park Elementary School Community Council Meeting May 1, 2014
Agenda Rose Park SSC 5-1-2014
For Minutes of Past meetings click Parents & Volunteers link above

Sage Testing begins!
The state end-of-year testing is on a new program. All students will be tested in Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. Please be sure they have plenty of sleep and get to school on time for the next 5 weeks.

Kindergarten Learns all about Thailand
Display of Thailand objects Kindergarten dancing Thai dance Doi with studentsThailand food examples

Congratulations, Ms. Kaly, 4th grade teacher!
Kris Kaly, a 4th grade teacher at Rose Park Elementary, has been awarded the Utah Water Watch Volunteer of the Year award.  Kris and her students have been going to the Jordan River every other Friday with their wagon full of data collection devices to collect water quality data that is used by Utah Water Watch to monitor the health of the Jordan River.
Kris Kaly, 4th grade teacher, receiving award for Water Conservation Volunteer


April 8, 1:00 p.m. MUSIC PROGRAM performed by Kindergarten through third grade.

Student art samples displayed student art samples displayed student art samples displayed student art samples displayed Drum bus for art night students and parents participating in art night students and parents enjoying art night displays students and parents enjoying art night exhibits

Early Childhood program at Rose Park Elementary for four-year-olds, Monday-Thursday 3 hours. Tuition $75.00 per month. Questions, call 801-974-8396, or visit website

To view agenda and minutes of past School Community Council meetings, click Parents & Volunteers in the menu above.


Students presenting science projects Students presenting science projects Students presenting science projects Students presenting science projects



College and career readiness celebration College Penants created by students Students presenting career opportunity


Sometimes children may feel exhausted while dragging a heavy load of books to school, but students at Rose Park Elementary enjoyed lugging boxes of donated books on Tuesday.

Barnes and Noble at The Gateway delivered more than 2,700 books to Rose Park Elementary. The bookstore partnered with the school and encouraged parents and community members to help support the school by donating or purchasing books. The books will be distributed for use in classroom libraries.

Students receive boxes of donated books


Rose Park 3rd grade November- Month of Service!

"My experience of going leaf raking that I got to help people that couldnl't do it themselves, I like to help people a lot because they feel happy and I feel proud and that makes me feel proud and that makes me feel good. It was a very great day for me because I had a very great time that day. I felt really happy and good that good day. I love to feel proudness in my heart and I think that was something I liked".... (Jarely Cruz, Ms. Cologna's 3rd grade class).

Students participated in reading at the senior center, sharing baked goods, and raking leaves.

students raking leaves students raking leaves



November 22 - ZUMBATHON!

Last night there was a Zumbathon at the school.  The students who take Zumba in Rose Park Academy performed first.  Then 112 people Zumbaed until they couldn’t anymore.  405 dollars were raised to go toward RPA.

Rose Park students doing Zumba exercise

Rose Park Fourth Grades go to Great Salt Lake with Westminster students to learn some science!

By Alejandra Contreras 
My class had students from Westminster College come and do science experiments with us. First, we did an experiment to see who could melt ice the fastest. Guillermo won! On Monday, October 7th we went to the Great Salt Lake. We explored the lake and look in microscopes too. With our Westminster partners, we decided on a science experiment related to the Great Salt Lake. My partner, Paola, and I decided to investigate the sand of the Great Salt Lake. Our question was, "Will the sand change color when we add different liquids?" We put 1/2 cup sand into 4 cups. We put Great Salt Lake water in one, Sprite in one, and Fruit Punch in one. We put nothing in one because we were seeing if the others will change color. Only the Fruit Punch changed the sand's color and the Sprite made a lot of bubbles. On November 4th we went to Westminster College. We had made posters of our experiments and we shared them with people who came over to our poster. There were students, teachers, and scientists who came by. We said good bye and the Westminster students thanked us for being the science buddies. They gave us cards and we said thank you for everything. SCIENCE RULES!

Rose Park students at Great Salt Lake Rose Park students in Great Salt Lake Rose Park students testing lake water Rose Park students testing lake water



Raptors believe in being drug free!

Monday: get wrist bands/writing. Tuesday: Wear RED. Wednesday: crazy socks/Drawing. Thursday: Crazy hair day.

Friday: Pajama day.

University of Utah Students teach Earth, Moon, Sun and Planets Lessons to 6th Grades

Teacher demonstrates planetsTeacher demonstrates planet informationStudents learn about planetsStudents learn earth rotations


Students learn rotationsStudents learn earth rotationStudents learn sun anglesStudents learn earth rotation

For the third year in a row, Rose Park's Sixth Grade Students are benefitting from a partnership with the Honor's College at the University of Utah. Using kits from the Clark Planetarium, honor's college students work alongside sixth graders to help them gain a deeper understanding of astronomy core concepts.


Rose Park Elementary School Community Council welcomes new Council members for 2013-14.

The new voting members are: Genny Campbell, Laura Hernandez, Maria Erica Munoz,
Joe Rodriguez, Jr. Christina Stanley, Nicole Phillips-Cunard.



Rose Park Elementary was given the opportunity to install solar panels on top of the building. They will provide energy and students can learn about alternative energy sources. Teachers can actually download information from the panels to use in classroom learning experiences. Click on the link to find out more information and see pictures.



Back to School night is an opportunity for the students and parents to meet their teachers. It will be held at Rose Park Elementary School, Monday August 19, 5:30 p.m. All students from Kindergarten to Sixth grade are invited!

Click here for Registration instructions and policies


Posted: April 22, 2013

Rose Park 6th graders promoted

Promotion6th Graders Ready for Promotion6th grade graduation

Families gathered to honor Rose Park 6th graders as their promotion to junior high was celebrated in a special ceremony on the last day of school. Several students spoke, the students sang, and promotion certificates were handed out. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all these students have accomplished in their time at Rose Park Elementary and to wish them well as they continue their education.

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Art Night brings joy to all who attend

Art NightArt night funArt Night ArtArt Night Art

Two incredible leaders and many volunteers came together to provide an incredible evening of art and entertainment for the Rose Park Elementary Community on Tuesday, May 21, 2013. Kathy Coulter, 6th grade teacher, and Genny Campbell, PTA Art Chair, designed an evening focused on sharing student work while also raising more than one-thousand dollars to continue art programs at Rose Park Elementary. Thank you to all who volunteered at and attended this wonderful event.

Posted: May 2013

Rose Park Elementary welcomes incoming Kindergarteners

Scavenger Hunt

Rose Park Elementary held a Kindergarten Round-Up on Thurs., April 25, 2013, to welcome next year's Kindergarteners and their families to the Rose Park Elementary community. It was an opportunity to learn about the school and have a little fun. Principal NicoleWarren shared important information about registering for school and general school information helpful for new parents. Ms. Grist, Kindergarten teacher, led the future Kindergarteners through a scavenger hunt through the school to help familiarize them with important locations around the building. Mrs. Clyde and Mrs. Andrews, Kindergarten teachers, delivered a section just for parents on how to help prepare their students academically and emotionally for full-day K. Students and parents left with a parcel of school readiness goodies to help them prepare for the adventure ahead.

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Rose Park students present artwork for new Pioneer Precinct Community Art Gallery Exhibit

Salt Lake City, UT – The Salt Lake City Arts Council announces the opening of Rose Park Student Views, a new exhibit at the Salt Lake city Police Department’s Pioneer Precinct building located in Poplar Grove (1040 West 700 South).

This exhibit features digital photographs taken by fifth grade students at Rose Park Elementary. Students worked with photographer John Schaefer on a two part project.

The first part of this project included instruction in photography basics including framing, process, and composition. John had each student take two photographs with no people in them. Once complete, the class reviewed all of the images together. As John projected the photos, he said what he liked most about each picture. This was a verypositive experience for the students as a professional photographer was publicly praising their work. Next, cameras were loaned out to half of the class to take home with them and take pictures. The following day the other half of the class did the same thing. John came back and again the class viewed all of the images. Students then voted on their favorites to have printed and displayed in this exhibition.

The second part of the program, the MAPS Travel Wise aspect,will start at the end of April. As part of Children's Media Workshop’s programming, John, will work with the same students to explore personal artistic development and communication using visual, spatial, and media literacy. With support fromUDOT's Travel Wise program and withEsri mapping software there is a special emphasis on critical thinking to develop an aesthetic around student travel, exploring a sense of artistic and community place as well as personalresponsibility for travel issues, taking into consideration safety, empowerment, and the environment.

The exhibit will be on display through June, 2013 and is free and open to the public during regular precinct business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Community Art Gallery at the Pioneer Precinct building is managed by the Salt Lake City Arts Council. Thank you to the following for their cooperation in this community art project: Salt Lake City Arts Council, Salt Lake Art Design Board, John Schaefer, Peter Martin, Rose Park Elementary School, Salt Lake City Police Department, and the artists in the fifth grade class at Rose Park Elementary.

See examples here.

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Information for incoming Kindergarteners

We want to make sure that the parents of all of our 2013-2014 Kindergarteners have the information they need to help their students be successful as they start their school experience. There are specific state requirements for immunizations that apply to all students attending public school. Parents can read more about the 2013-2014 Kindergarten Entry Immunization Requirements here.

Informacion para los futuros alumnos del Jardin de niños (kinder)

Queremos estar seguros que los padres de losalumnosdeljardin de niños(Kinder) del año escolar 2013-2014tengan toda la información necesaria para ayudar a sus estudiantes a tener exito en su primera experiencia escolar.
Hay requisitos especificos por parte del estado acerca de las vacunas que los alumnos deben tener para poder entrar al Jardin de niños(kinder).

Aquí ustedes pueden leer e informarse sobre las vacunas requeridas parapoder asistir a el año escolar 2013-2014.


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Recycle and help our school

Please consider helping our school earn money by bringing your paper recycling to the school and depositing it in the GreenFiber collection container located in the front of the school. Through our partnership with GreenFiber our school earns $30 per ton for all paper collected. You can bring your junk mail, old yellow page directories, newspapers and any other paper you would otherwise recycle at the curb. Bundles can be bound with twine or placed in paper bags. District-wide results are yielding an average of over 100,000 pound (50 tons) each month generating more than $1,300 that goes directly to the schools”.

Por favor considere ayudar nuestra escuela a ganar dinero por traer su papel para reciclar a la escuela y ponerlo en el recipient GreenFiber que está en el estacionamiento. A través de nuestra asociación con GreenFiber, nuestra escuela gana $30 por tonelada de papel recogido. Usted puede traer el correo propaganda, guía telefónica, periódicos y otros papeles que normalmente reciclan. Los puede tener atado con cordel o en fundas de papel. Los resultados del distrito normalmente entregan más de 100,000 libras (50 toneladas) por mes. Eso nos gana más de $1,300 que ayuda las escuelas directamente.


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