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Policies & Procedures

Telephone Use: Children are not allowed to use the telephone unless an emergency exists. ( We ask that you not call the school and request to talk with your child or have a message given to your child except in the case of an emergency.) The office is often deluged with messages to be delivered to children from 2:45 to 3:00. We make every effort to deliver them, but can't guarantee the message will be delivered, especially if time is very short until dismissal.

School Books and Materials: The cooperation of parents in seeing that books and materials are returned to school would be appreciated. When students lose or damage books or other school property, financial responsibility for such loss or damage is that of the student and the parent.

Bicycles, Rollerblades & Scooters: Students are welcome to ride bikes,, rollerblades or scooters to school with parental consent. We ask that they do not ride them on school property for the safety of others. They should dismount and walk the bike to the racks where it must be locked up securely. Rollerblades must be taken off before coming onto school property or entering the school. The school is NOT responsible for damage to or theft of bicycles, rollerblades or scooters.

Clothing Labels: Each year many nice items of clothing are left at school and cannot be returned to the owners since there are no names on the items. Please protect the investment you make in your children's clothing by labeling each item clearly. (DRESS CODE)


Field Trips: Field Trips are planned by teachers and designed to enrich the curriculum. Parents sign a permission slip upon enrollment and students are told in advance of any scheduled field trips with details such as place, departure and return times, and other special information.

Money at School: We ask that you do not let your child bring money to school unless it is for a specific purpose. Many problems can be prevented if money is not brought to school.

Change of Residence, Telephone Number, or Transfer: If you change your address, home phone number, work number, or change jobs, please notify the secretary or teacher. We must be able to get hold of a parent in case of emergency or if the child is sick or hurt.

Children Living Outside Our Area: Children who live outside our the Rose Park Elementary boundaries are welcome to petition to attend under the following conditions:

  1. We have space for the child or children
  2. Proper forms are submitted. If a child moves out of our area, proper forms must be submitted within 10 days after the move.
  3. The child does not present problems to the school. This includes behavior, attendance, and truancy. Other reasonable conditions may be set in a Principal/parent conference.
  4. Only children enrolled at Rose Park may attend classes.