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School Community Council (SCC)

A School Community Council (SCC) is established in each school to provide a cooperative means of improving the educational programs and conditions within that school. Its membership should represent school employees and parents or guardians of students. Ideas for discussion topics may be generated by any individual or group in the school community.  Parents, please consider joining this council.  Any parent can join, simply email the principal and let her know your interest:

Decisions and responsibilities allocated to the SCC by Utah state statute include the following:

  • Develop a School Improvement Plan (SIP).
  • Develop the School LAND Trust Plan and make a budget for LAND trust funds.  For 2022-23 this amount is $37,004.18 and is being used to reduce class size.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of a school professional development plan.
  • Develop and implement a child access routing plan (safe walking routes to and from school). SNAP
  • Advise and make recommendations to school and school district administrators and the local school board regarding the school and its programs, school district programs, and other issues relating to the community environment for students.
  • Develop a reading achievement plan.

El consejo Comunitario Escolar (SCC) es creado en cada escuela para proveer cooperación, incrementar los programas de educación y las condiciones de acuerdo a esa escuela. Sus miembros deberán estar representados por empleados de la escuela y padres o tutores de los estudiantes. Las ideas para discutir ciertos puntos se podrían generar por cualquier persona o grupo en la comunidad escolar.

Las decisiones y responsabilidades asignadas al Consejo Comunitario Escolar por los estatutos del estado de Utah incluyen lo siguiente:

  • Desarrollar un plan de mejoramiento escolar (SIP)
  • Desarrollar el plan escolar de confianza en la tierra
  • Asistir en el desarrollo e implementación del plan de desarrollo profesional de la escuela
  • Elaborar e implementar un plan de la ruta de acceso de los niños ( Rutas de caminos seguros desde la escuela y hacia la escuela ). SNAP
  • Informar y hacer recomendaciones a escuelas y a los administradores del distrito escolar y a la junta local acerca de la escuela y de sus programas, de los programas del distrito escolar, y otros problemas relacionados al ambiente comunitario de los estudiantes
  • Desarrollar un plan de rendimiento en lectura


Parent Members

Please contact Nicole Palmer for this information (801) 578-8554      


Staff Members


The School Communtiy Council meets the first Thursday of each month (unless otherwise noted) on Zoom from 6-7 pm.  Please email the principal if you'd like to join the meeting:

School Community Council Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2022

In attendance: Nicole Palmer, Tony Zani, Domenic Mattena, Bryce 

1.  Welcome / celebrations

2.  Explain budget and staffing process

3. D

December 2022

No SCC meeting was held in December of 2022. 

November 3, 2022 

In attendance:  Nicole Palmer, Tony Zani, Domenic Mattena, Todd Johnson 

  1.  Welcome 

  1. Presentation of calendar options for the next three years.  Discussion.  Members were asked to take a look more closely and send their vote to Nicole within a week.  

  1. Adjourn 

One member, Todd Johnson, sent a vote for option 2.  No other members offered an option.  

October 6, 2022

Notes from SCC 

In attendance:  Tony Zani, Alicia De Leon, Miranda ?, Robin Raine, Domenic Mattena, Todd Johnson, Miranda Elizondo 

  1.  Welcome 

  1. Share school grade and growth, celebrations and discussion 

  1. Robin Raine, school counselor shared and overview of bullying presentations she has done in classes and the requirement from the state to do so.  Discussion and questions. 

  1. Discussion about finding an app or system to communicate quickly with the council. Tony said he would look into it. 

  1. Adjourn 

September 1, 2022

SCC Notes 

  1.  Welcome and introductions. 

  1. Power Point presentation  


Staff and teachers at Rose Park 

School Vision 

Walking Schoolbus 

Budget – brief overview 

Land Acknowledgement and vote – unanimous in favor 

Questions?  Comments? 

In attendance:  Dominic Mattena, Nicole Palmer, Tony Zani, Todd Johnson, Carrie Johnson 




School Community Council Meetings